Small Business Owners: 3 Rules When Creating Employee Training

Employee training isn’t a one size fits all. Especially because each employee learns differently at their own pace, setting their own learning curve.

The smart way to make learning engaging, fun, and inspiring is to create interactive content that can be easily consumed anywhere, anytime and actively utilized by employees across every department.

Why go the extra mile when developing your training?

As industries become increasingly competitive, independent business owners depend on their employees–and the quality of service they provide–to stand apart from their competition. But, like any skill, exceptional employees don’t appear out of thin air. Instead, creating a team that stays ahead of the curve means investing in effective training that not only informs, but engages users to incite action and inspire ownership of their roles.

So, what makes great training? We’ve narrowed it down to three factors that impact employee’s long-term success across every industry:

1. Communicate Purpose with Clear Goals and Objectives

“We are training you for….” should be clearly stated in each training module. That’s because training is meant to achieve a certain purpose, and that purpose should be clear as day.

Employees are more likely to be motivated when they know where they’re headed and what they’ll be doing. Establishing learning goals is also shown to increase knowledge retention, since those in training can immediately comprehend how what they’re learning now will help them in the future.

This isn’t just limited to a single employee’s responsibilities, either. Be clear about your company’s mission and goals. Doing so reinforces your company culture and keeps everyone’s eye on the prize.

2. Create Engaging Training Content

Elearning states that “33% of the employees say that corporate employee training content is uninspiring.” Who can blame them? Traditional training methods are highly focused on basic media and text—which is less interactive, less personalized, and never engaging.
Real-time context, like that provided by interactive training videos, offers interactive guidance to users in the moment, encouraging engagement and knowledge retention. (LightSpeed VT interactive training videos even allow you to create different user paths customized to various answers, prompting employees of different skill levels to take the most appropriate action.)

3. Encourage Ongoing Training

A total loss of $2M to a business is due to disengaged employees.

Inefficient training leads to disengaged employees at work. Disengaged employees ultimately account for a lapse in productivity. That, in turn, affects your bottom line.

In short, a lack of training is just bad business! Don’t want to pour your budget down the drain? Consider making ongoing training mandatory. By prioritizing learning, you can create an environment that encourages effort, action, and engagement in any role.

The Right Training Can Make or Break Your Business

From the moment you decide to start your own venture, you’ll never stop learning. Your success has depended on having the right knowledge at the right time. Now, you need the same knowledge and commitment from your employees. Learn how LightSpeed VT can help you invest in the future of your business. Schedule a demo today!