The ROI of Investing in Corporate Training

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The ROI of Investing in Corporate Training Your company hiring process is airtight — meaning, only the most qualified candidates ever get their foot in your door. So, why would you invest in unnecessary company training when employees are brought on with all the knowledge needed to do their jobs well from the start? As industries become increasingly competitive, independent business owners depend on their employees — and the quality of service they provide — to build the kind of relationships that keep customers coming back. How to help your employees deliver service that stands [...]

LightSpeed VT Does it Interactively

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Professional speakers know that size does matter. The size of your audience directly corresponds with your revenue stream.However, broadening your audience generally requires that you invest your money, invest your time, and invest your efforts to create the ultimate worldwide audience… and sometimes, that doesn’t even work.So, what is the most effective way to expand your audience? Check out these two ways you can create recurring revenue as a professional speaker.Go Virtual & Train Virtually EveryoneLightSpeed VT is a training solutions company that takes your scalable content and creates web-based training modules that engages users with interactive components within lessons.Whether [...]