Who Should Create an Online Course?

The benefits of creating and selling a Virtual Training can be super tempting: creating six-figure launches, building HUGE email lists, and making a really big impact on your students’ lives.

But, is creating a Virtual Training course the right strategy for you? In this post, we’ll help you figure that out with three questions:

1. Do I Have Something To Teach?

You know that friend or coworker you turn to whenever you need help building books in Excel? Or,  the friend that helps you with marketing ideas, investing advice, or even how to build a healthy meal plan?

Whatever it is, they have a knack for something — they’re the expert in your circle. And, the chances are that, in your circle, you’re the expert on something, tool.

You might already know what that something is. But if you don’t, that’s okay, we’ll help you figure it out.

But, we’re positive that there’s something you know, that you could teach to others, that would help improve their work or their life. And, creating a virtual training course is the best possible way to get that insight out there.

2. Do I Want To Start An Online Business?

You’ve seen plenty of inspirational gurus on Instagram promising that starting an online business is as easy as taking their course. While making money while you sleep is possible, starting an online business and ramping up to 24/7 learning takes some hard work.

But, there’s nothing more gratifying than when someone who’s taken your Virtual Training tells you about the impact you’ve had on their life. (Of course, there is the potential for 24/7 earning!)

And, when you do start earning, there’s nothing like the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing you it’s your own expertise and hard work that’s paying for your vacation, new car, or bigger backyard.

If you do want to start an online business — because of the low barrier to entry and high-profit margins — creating a Virtual Training course is a smart way to do it!

3.  Do I Want New Leads For My Core Business?

Selling an online course isn’t the only reason to create one. Some Virtual Training creators love having a low-cost course that helps to generate leads for their core business.

If you sell coaching, consulting, advising, or any other kind of professional services, a Virtual Training course can be a powerful lead generation tool.

That’s because Virtual Training lets leads get to know you. Unlike an eBook or white paper, Virtual Training allows them to develop a relationship over a couple of days or weeks, rather than a single session.

This gives them time to get comfortable working with you. And, that time spent together builds trust — which is an invaluable tool when it’s time to sell your core service.

Finally, research shows that it’s actually easier to sell to someone who’s already bought than to a lead that’s only signed up for a free trial. So, a low-cost Virtual Training course is an excellent way to create existing customers, a natural stepping stone to upsell from, and a fantastic way to qualify leads for your premium service.

Virtual Training offers many benefits, both for course creators and students. Whether you’re looking to generate revenue, build an online business, or just create leads for another business, I hope that this article has helped you see the many ways that you can use Virtual Training — and maybe even start considering what subject you might want to teach!

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