Raising the Bar: How Adaptability Breathes Life into Every Industry

– By Zach Conley

November 12, 1993, a day of infamy for any Karate or Taekwondo practitioner. Traditional martial arts had been around for hundreds of years. While each style had been adapted to suit various situations, they still held plenty of things in common—including the firm belief each was better than the rest.

To determine which was the superior fighting style once and for all, eight martial arts masters agreed to face-off in a no-holds-barred tournament put on by the then-unknown UFC.

The final event pit Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Royce Gracie, against much larger French Kickboxing champion Gerard Gordeau. And, to the shock of the entire stadium, Royce Gracie, defeated Gordeau with a rear naked choke for the tap out.

an image of Royce Gracie - Raising the Bar: How Adaptability Breathes Life Into Every Industry

Gracie’s win is emblematic of what it takes to come up in an industry: It doesn’t matter your size as long as you know the right moves.

Companies Who Challenge the Unwritten Rules are More Likely to Win

Let’s move on to some new ideas trying to shock our thinking right now. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BlockChain are all words synonymous with new and exciting avenues and technology that will hopefully change the world for the better.

Your goal is to create a deserved massive income for your business by effectively educating, inspiring, and transforming your audience into working toward their full potential by arming them with your information and actionable methodologies. To empower them to live happily and fulfilled lives free of misunderstood methods to accomplish their specific goals. You cannot deliver a screw to its destination properly by using a hammer. Educating is not the process of dumping information on their laps and hoping that they understand and can apply the principals to their lives.

You don’t even have to look further than your rooftop to find innovation in our world.

Solar technology or alternative energy, in general, have been talked about for years, and finally, we are witnessing all of those things being implemented. We live in one of the most exciting times due to revolutionary technological advances the likes of which the world has not seen before.

What do these advances have in common? They didn’t set about just to do things differently for the heck of it. Instead, each is disrupting an existing standard with something new, more efficient, and worthwhile.

Trending Innovations in Training

Think back to the last time you completed company training. (If your mind didn’t block it out.) The process likely consisted of endless days spent flipping through thick binders, your eyes swimming in Arial 12-point font.

Maybe your corporate onboarding was in the form of online training—”online” meaning it’s the same mundane text rendered in pixels. If you’re lucky, there’s a video chapter every once and awhile.

Zach Conley of LightSpeed VT, Air Force veteran, author of Raising the Bar: How Adaptability Breathes Life Into Every Industry

I remember taking courses while serving in the military and thinking what a waste of time and resources it was. The most difficult days weren’t in the field. Instead, they were the ones where I was required to take mandated, computer-based training.

What’s worse, this ineffective training was for a highly critical mission. In fact, it is still a significant goal of mine to help the military with their training delivery and effectiveness eventually.

You know what baffles me? Here we are in the middle of this technological and informational revolution where brand after brand is getting ahead of their competition just by looking for innovative ways to deliver value…

Yet, so few organizations are innovating the way they connect with audiences to deliver crucial information itself…

Adaptability and Differentiation are the Keys to Beating Any Competitor

Royce Gracie’s triumph didn’t just prove Jiu-Jitsu to be the most effective form of unarmed combat, or show that the little guy stands a chance if he has the right moves—it made the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brand what we know today.

How could a single tournament catapult an entire brand?

The first UFC event had 7,800 in attendance—no small number, to be sure. But, thanks to the UFC’s partnership with SEG, the event was televised to an even larger audience.

By the final fight, word of Gracie’s unanticipated staying power was watched by 86,592 subscribers on pay-per-view. And, by 2014, the UFC was valued by the Forbes at $1.65 billion and ranked an impressive 10th on the Forbes Fab 40 list of most valuable sporting brands.

That’s the power of adaptability—driving differentiation that can make or break your place in an industry.

Virtual Training Empowers You to Connect With New Audiences

Education in any new endeavor is critical; people had to learn how to use computers when they were used to typewriters. I think a new development in training that needs to happen is getting away from power points and long, linear videos to get to the most realistic and lifelike experience possible.

Whether you’re a company looking to better engage employees or a professional trainer who’s stretched thin on time and still wants to expand your reach, the ability to connect with audiences using engaging content and the appropriate channels is critical to your success.

Interested in learning about the virtual training platform that’s trusted by over 50,000 brands, including Grant Cardone, Daymond John, and even Tony Robbins?

Get in touch to learn how LightSpeed VT can create and deliver the best training experience to your employees, fans, and loyal followers.

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About Zach: 

Zach Conley is an Air Force veteran and a former contractor. From college football to military training, and fighting MMA, he’s spent decades developing and honing his leadership skills. Zach draws from those experiences, combined with an education in Finance from UNLV, to help clients best leverage the interactive training solutions offered by LightSpeed VT.