Who We Are

We Care. We Share. We Dare.

Who We Are

We Care. We Share. We Dare.


Who We Are

LightSpeed VT is a training solutions company.

We are a team of passionate people who believe traditional training methods are a bad investment. We believe that in order for training to actually work, there must be repetition, practice and accountability.

Our mission is to inspire people to learn by delivering the most engaging, innovative and reliable training solutions in the world.

Our purpose is to help create culture, develop people and grow revenue.

We like to work smart. We like to work hard. We have a whole lot of common sense, a ton of passion and a few brilliant ideas… now and again.

Every day we help our clients maximize their impact, reduce costs and increase revenue by staying innovative, inventing new features, listening to the users and keeping our technology on the cutting edge.

“Training isn’t something you did. It’s something you do.”

– Brad Lea, CEO

LightSpeed VT Headquarters in Las Vegas, NV

LightSpeed VT Headquarters in Las Vegas, NV.

A Little Backstory

LightSpeed VT started on January 1, 2000. The guy who started it still works here, so does the guy who knew how to build it. With two guys and a passionate team of people crazy enough to start a dot.com during the dot.com crash, we ventured out to change the world. We started out as a training company that wanted to help people learn new skills so they could make more money, be more valuable and live better lives. After trying to train people manually, in more traditional training methods such as workshops and webinars, we saw that all of our hard work and good intentions only ended up being a waste of time and our client’s money. The training was great, but the methods were wrong! They were ineffective, costly, time consuming, not scalable and they didn’t last! We knew there had to be a better way. That is when LightSpeed VT was born and our journey began!

Some of Our Clients Include:

Gitomer Learning Academy
Wingman Leadership Academy
Fripp VT
Cy Wakeman
Tom Hopkins International
Blair Singer Virtual Training Academy
Tony Robbins
Napoleon Hill Foundation
Napoleon Hill Foundation
Napoleon Hill Foundation
Napoleon Hill Foundation
Napoleon Hill Foundation
Napoleon Hill Foundation

Our Core Values

We are committed to making LightSpeed VT a better product and a better place, and with that in mind, we live by these three core values.

Do the right thing ⋅ Do the best you can ⋅ Show people you care