Revolutionizing web-based learning

Everyday, LightSpeed VT helps companies, trainers, professional speakers and entrepreneurial subject matter experts to maximize their training effectiveness, automate accountability, reduce costs and in many cases drive new revenue. We do this by delivering the ultimate in private-labeled interactive virtual training systems.

Beyond our training system, we collaborate with our clients to produce rich interactive video content and implement progressive testing experiences to ensure effective learning and retention. Our training system was designed around the end-user “experience.” Most eLearning, LMS or online training systems only excel at serving up very laborious, non-engaging, slideshows or text-covered web pages that no one wants to read. We find those systems typically yield minimal engagement, poor retention and ultimately result in tremendous amounts of wasted time and resources.

A better training experience is not enough. We deliver forward-thinking reporting tools that help managers and owners understand who is learning and who is not, and who needs extra coaching. LightSpeed VT enables clients to close the entire communications loop: we help them speak more effectively, and we ensure audiences engage, listen and learn.


Founded: 2000

LightSpeed VT is a privately held company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Solutions & Services:

  • Private-labeled Virtual Training Solutions
  • Interactive Video-based Training
  • E-learning / Online Training
  • Recurring Revenue Generation for Professional Trainers
  • Video Production & Virtual Training Courseware

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