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LightSpeed VT is Tomorrowland


In the new Disney film, Tomorrowland, Director Brad Bird and Writer Damon Lindelof have a clear point of view: The world, as we see it now, is perceived by the masses as terrifying; our problems are hopeless and we are worshipping at the altar of our own destruction. Pretty grim for a flick from the mouse, eh?


The flip side is the vision of what Walt Disney imagined when he first offered Tomorrowland in his theme park. It opened on July 17, 1955 with a rocket to the moon, a circular projection of America the Beautiful and a clock of the world displaying the time on earth in any location. When it opened, Tomorrowland’s vision of the future was thirty years down the road…in the far off land of 1986.


The core idea of Tomorrowland, both the film and the location in various Disney parks, is one of optimism. The future, Disney tells us, should be exciting, innovative and host of a problem-solving attitude as opposed to alarmist, defeatist or even nihilist. These positive offerings are at the core of LightSpeed VT, too.


While our technology is cool, and our business solutions are massive, there’s something even bigger going on here. Ford Taylor is the Founder of Transformational Leadership and a big believer in the possibilities of tomorrow through his training and the use of LightSpeed VT as a delivery system. He recently worked with the Western Cape South Africa National Taxi Council (SANTACO) in Worcester, South Africa. The territorial fights between the various taxi groups had reached the level of murder for infringement by one group upon the territory of another. One taxi driver was dragged behind a police vehicle after he allegedly blocked traffic and resisted arrest.


SANTACO organized 350 taxi leaders to engage with Ford and his training for half a day. These men went from wanting to kill each other to nearly unanimously seeking reconciliation with one another by the meeting’s end. The relationships and their transformation are a stark reminder of how delicate the future is. It can be bleak, dangerous and deadly and it can turn on a dime toward a peaceful, mutually profitable coming together with the right influence.


While Ford’s story with SANTACO is at least encouraging if not downright miraculous, he knows he is just one man. With his new virtual training system (VTS), however, he can be a man for every occasion, on demand as needed via any web-enabled device. But wait a minute, you may be asking if you’ve been subjected to static DVDs or Death by Power Point Learning Management Systems, isn’t a LightSpeed VTS just a bunch videos? Not even close. Comparing the experience of a LightSpeed VTS to a series of videos is like comparing a bicycle to Ferrari. They both have wheels and will get you somewhere but that’s the end of the comparison. With personal engagement, repetition and traceable results, Ford’s VTS doesn’t just deliver, it builds exponentially.


LightSpeed VTs interactive training isn’t just for Fortune 500 businesses, or individuals seeking to learn directly from celebrities like Tony Robbins, Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss) or Bar Rescue’s John Taffer, it can also be used as a transformative technology to bring people together, to heal and change the world into a Tomorrowland we all want to live in.

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