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Now you can deliver the ultimate interactive virtual training experience.

The features you need, none of the clutter

Below are only a few reasons why you’ll want LightSpeed VT as your interactive virtual training system. If you’ve spent hours on Google searching for online learning management systems (lms), training management systems or e learning software only to find yourself frustrated at the lack of truly excellent solutions, then search no more.

Custom Branded Experience

We provide a truly comprehensive private labeled solution. Unlike others, we won’t just slap a logo on top and call it done. When we’re finished, it will seem like you created your own interactive virtual training system from scratch (without the work).

Easy to Use, Simple to Deploy

LightSpeed VT’s clean and simple design ensures you won’t need a training program to learn how to use it. This also means you won’t need a complex plan to deploy it. You can add a team member or customer in seconds and know they are on their way.

Reporting & Accountability

Your system administrators have access to real-time reporting. From at-a-glance views to comprehensive progress reports you’ll be able to see: who is learning, who is not and who needs extra coaching.

“Ready-to-Market” Solutions

If you’re an established speaker or trainer, you’ve done much of the heavy lifting in terms of content development and brand building. From marketing tools to e-commerce, our ready-to-market system is as close to a just-add-water solution as it gets.

eCommerce Integration Made Easy

We make it easy to sell access to your training content online. We can integrate your VT system with Chargify, a subscription and recurring billing system. Whether you’re offering flat or tiered pricing, or monthly, annual or even custom time-based subscriptions, we can make it happen.

Always On, 24/7 Web Access

Since LightSpeed VT is a hosted Software-as-a-Service, your learners can securely access training courses and data at any-time from anywhere in the world. LightSpeed VT system servers are hosted in a world-class data center and delivered across Amazon’s S3 global infrastructure.

Everything you need in one place

LightSpeed VT provides the ultimate online interactive training solution whether you’re a corporate training manager who needs to improve performance and accountability or a subject matter expert yearning to transform your content into a recurring revenue generating digital product. Our all-in-one approach provides powerful distribution advantages, simple e-commerce integration and a marketing presence to go and tell the world.

Front Door Promotional Website - Custom Branded

Our “all-in-one” approach to virtual training solutions includes a promotional website component. Whether you want to use this as a marketing presence to tell the world about your content, or as an orientation tool to welcome and inform your team members, we’re sure you’ll find it extremely helpful.

E-commerce Integration with Chargify - Optional

We make e-commerce a breeze for our clients seeking to monetize their content. After all, what good is an incredible set of content (yours), delivered via the most engaging interactive training system, if you don’t have an easy way to sell it to your audience?

Unique Sign-in / Support Pages - Custom Branded

We also provide a unique or custom Sign-In page to enhance the path by which users come to experience your training system. This makes it easy for you to link to this attractive page from any of your other websites or communication tools.

Your Interactive Virtual Training System - Custom Branded

Our design team will create a custom, hand-crafted design theme tailored to fit your brand. When we’re done, it will seem like you created your own interactive virtual training system from scratch (and without breaking a sweat).

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